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Safety tips for off-piste skiing

Safety tips for off-piste skiing

Please note that you are skiing at your own risk! Off-piste skiing is fun if you have the required skills. The Bregenzerwald ski schools offer lessons to help you getting them.

Ski tours need careful planning.
Use maps for orientation and heed avalanche warnings and the weather forecast.

Weather apps and links

Weather forecast for Vorarlberg:
wetterring /

Weather forecast for Austria:

MetGIS global weather forecast:

Ski areas & weather:
bergfex/Ski Lite

Avalanche information app:
snowsafe /

Tour app and mountain weather:
alpenverein /

The apps are available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and the Google Play Store for Android.

  • The correct equipment and clothing are essential safety factors.
  • Anyone skiing off-piste needs avalanche equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe, avalanche shovel, first aid kit) and also needs to know how to use it properly! Training is available at:
  • Never set off too late. In winter, it starts getting dark around 4.30 p.m.
  • Never set off if it is snowing and/or foggy.
  • The ski and mountain guides are familiar with the place and terrain and ensure that you reach your destination – and make it back home safely.

More information is available here >> Mountain safety

Important numbers

Emergency telephone numbers (free of charge)

  • 112 European emergency number
  • 140 Alpine emergencies in Austria
  • 144 Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg avalanche warning service

The avalanche warning service is available free of charge by fax, e-mail or the Internet:
Avalanche information app:
24-hour recorded message:
T +43 (0)5574 201 1588

Respect your limits

However, anyone out and about enjoying the countryside needs to keep in mind that it is also a very sensitive habitat for plants and animals, which is worth protecting. Please don’t take any short-cuts through forest passages, since they are often used by wild animals as a refuge. Moreover, the edges of skis and snowboards can easily damage the young forest. Stay clear of areas closed for hunting and, if necessary, choose a different tour destination. With this in mind, we ask you to respect preservation and conservation areas and to observe any restrictions.