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My best experience: The Schetteregg

My best experience: The Schetteregg

A carousel, magic carpet and mini platter lift The hedgehog circuit as well as the so-called “squirrel, deer, lynx, and bunny” slopes are accessible via the mini platter lift. Not to mention the fox area and a special pit stop where kids can blow their noses! Sitting in Schetteregg area, our author imagines how children will experience this ski paradise.

I’m sitting in the sun with the warmth of the mountain hut at my back, and my view wanders over all that is before me at the Schetteregg ski paradise. How best might kids experience this area? Everywhere I imagine children at play… Every year during semester break, I holiday in Schetteregg. I really love it here… it’s just so cool. I take my pillow, books, games and snacks with me and my little brother packs his Playmobil toys. My big brother brings his smartphone and my dad grabs his Perry Rhodan novels, whilst my mom grabs the rest. On Monday morning, the city is covered in low-lying clouds. We don our ski gear and say goodbye to our cat. Grandpa and Grandma are waiting for us in the driveway. Grandpa wants to try the new cross-country trail and although grandma has hurt her leg a bit, she is still really looking forward to the fresh air. We’re on our way!

“The Schettifuchs fox” we call out in unison as we enter the village of Egg-Grossdorf. “We’ll be in paradise in just a few minutes,” says Mom. From here, we quiz each other trying to answer the questions signposted along the way. Above the fog the sky is blue. My dad appreciates the brand new car park. As we pass by, Hannes Waldner himself gives us a friendly wink (he’s the head of the lifts and everything!). My grandparents stay at the Schetteregger Hof and we stay in Lifthus. I like it best where we’re staying. We gather all of our ski stuff and soon I meet my friends for fun in the snow. Before you know it we are all skiing. I ski with my friends, my big brother skis with his gang, and my little brother joins my mom and her friends. My dad will join the other dads later on, but first he wants to read a few more pages of his science fiction novel.


This is how things work in Schetteregg: The best part is the open dorm area. We don’t sleep there though. Instead we sleep in a room with two bunk beds. My brothers and I sleep up top and my parents sleep down below. My big brother talks in his sleep and my dad snores if he has joined the lift personnel at the Schetteregger Hof. Usually that means he won’t start skiing until eleven o’clock. Although there isn’t actually all that much snow at the moment, they prepare slopes that remind me of freshly combed hair after a bath. Everything you can imagine is here in Schetteregg. A carousel, magic carpet, a mini platter lift and more. On the “hedgehog” circuit, I learned to snow plough. My little brother skied the “squirrel” slope. At the “bunny” slope there is only a normal platter lift. Here there is an area to blow your nose for kids who have snotty noses. My mom actually thinks this is a great innovation. The lift at the “deer” slope alternates between platters and T-bars. Big animal figures can be seen along all the slopes so that kids always know where they are. We used to think that the “eagle” slope was the best but that was before we tried out the “lynx” slope, which was a true test of skill. We had our passes stamped at the register. If you’ve been 5 times in one week, you’re allowed to ride along on a snowmobile or snow groomer. That is so cool! There is also kids’ movies and disco, a scavenger hunt and fox ‘hunting.’ This is when the ‘Schettifuchs’ fox gives you a best time to beat. The one who gets closest to the time wins! Once I found the Schettifuchs fox’s outfit in the closet at childcare.

My grandma and I like horse-drawn carriage rides together. She is too lazy to go walking but she gets quite a tan. My grandpa can’t go cross-country skiing because there isn’t enough snow so he goes hiking instead. He believes that nature is splendid and that there is nothing more important. We didn’t know our way around the first time we came here. My brother was sick and my dad stayed with him at the Lifthus so that mom and I could ski together. I was still little. Suddenly big flakes began to fall and we got stuck in the deep snow and we didn’t know where to go. Then, August came and rescued us. August lives near the lift in a witch’s cottage. By day he works as a carpenter, but in the evenings when he comes home, he shovels the special ‘Augustland.’ This is the best obstacle course you can possibly imagine. It has three mogul courses!

August already begins preparing the area in autumn by digging tunnels, building snow castles planting trees and setting up flags in the snow. He saws out wooden figures and paints them. When semester break begins, he takes off plenty of time. He does all of this without being paid because he really cares for children. Hannes, the boss of this whole place, says that August is more valuable than a winning lottery ticket because the way that August makes others happy is pure and authentic.

When everyone is gone, only 7 people live in Schetteregg: August and his wife, Ms Marianne, who makes hats to go along with the Juppe traditional dresses, and the family from the Schetteregg Hof. Everyone likes one another. One time I fell into a hole and I lost my skis but an adult came quickly to help me. Here, everyone helps one another. If a kid can’t use the T-bar well or loses a ski pole, someone is always there. “Nothing gets lost here,” says Hannes. That makes mother happy and allows her to get the rest and recovery she needs. In a giant ski resort, she would be worried about us the whole time.


In the afternoon we meet at the Lifthus. My big brother likes the salad bar. My little brother likes the “gold miner’s” menu. I like sausages. There is a really cool list in the common room and we can all take whatever drinks we want. You just have to put a tick next to your family name. I usually drink multi-vitamin juice. At childcare one can play and there is a learning computer and a games kitchen. After skiing, my brother likes to lie down on the mattress and play with his smartphone. My friends and I like to play on the climbing wall for kids. In the evening, we go out again. There is a floodlit sledging track and a hill to climb. Once there were more than 20 kids outside playing and that was cool. In the common room we play board games. I really, really like it when we sing and someone plays a guitar. For breakfast there is a buffet and you can eat all you like. The sun is shining outdoors and my friends and I can’t wait to go. We get in line at the chairlift at 8:30 so that we’re always the very first on the slopes. On Friday afternoon we drive home. Once we have paid, we go ahead and reserve again for next year. If you ever want to visit us in the city, you’ll know our house because it’s the one with a ‘Schettifuchs’ fox out front. August gave it to us as a present.

Author: Irmgard Kramer