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Bezau – Rocky Trail

This challenging trail leads you through a stunning landscape. Starting in the town center of Bezau, the footpath goes right on a rock face to the Känzele. The trail continues at the Rimsgrund where you get an outstanding view on the town of Bizau. At the end, you run downhill and you pass the high-water storage basin of the Grebenbach, which was built after a devastating flooding in 2005. The trail ends in Bezau at its starting point.
Klostergarage - Greben - Bezauer Moos - Schrofenweg - Känezele - Rimsgrund - Sandriese - Greben - Klostergarage


Bezau – Two Loops Through Bezau

The two rounds of this running path pass most creeks of the town of Bezau and the Bregenzerache river. The first part of the eight goes along the first creek (Grebenbach) to the lift station of the “Bergbahnen Bezau”. From there, you run along another creek (Bezauer Bach) back to the center of town. The second part of the eight leads you along the third creek (Bizauer Bach) towards the village of Reuthe. From Reuthe, you follow the Bregenzerache river back to the starting point.

Part I of the loop:
Klostergarage - Greben - Seilbahn Talstation - Obere Kriechere - Platz - Klostergarage

Part II of the loop:
Klostergarage - Greben - Ellenbogen - Vorderreuthe - Bregenzerach - Wilbinger - Unterdorf - Platz - Klostergarage


Bezau – Moor of Bizau

The moor of Bizau is a wetland biotope beautifully situated between the towns of Bizau and Bezau. It has a stunning flora and fauna. You start in Reuthe and run to the moor on a flat course. Within the moor, you pass a nice barefoot path that you can visit. You also get an excellent view on the famous Kanisfluh. The running path leads you back through the town of Bizau and along a creek to the starting point in Reuthe.

Vorderreuthe - Bizauer Bach - Bizauer Moos - Brand - Oberdorf - Halde - Kirchdorf - Unterdorf - Bizauer Bach - Bezauer Bach - Vorderreuthe


Bezau – Bezegg Loop

On this long and challenging trail, you pass four communities of the Bregenzerwald. Starting in Bezau, you first run along the Bregenzerache river to the town of Andelsbuch-Bersbuch. From there, you soon get to the football field of Schwarzenberg. Passing a reservoir, you reach the town center of Andelsbuch. After having passed a second reservoir, you steadily run up to the Bezegg. You can see the famous Bezegg monument near the highest point of the loop (800m). The trail finally leads you downhill back to the starting point in Bezau.

Klostergarage - Unterdorf - Wilbinger - Klausberg - Stallau - Bergle - Andelsbuch-Bersbuch - Schwarzenberg-Loch - Stausee Andelsbuch - Andelsbuch Hof - Andelsbuch Hüsle - Bezegg - Übersichtstafel Klostergarage


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