Mellau is located on expansive valley floors, making them ideal terrain for journeys of discovery by bicycle. Rented bikes are available at various locations.

Tried and tested in several towns – and now also possible in the Bregenzerwald: in Egg, Andelsbuch, Bezau, Mellau, Bizau, Schnepfau, Au and Schoppernau, there are rental points where you can easily rent a bike with basket for up to 24 hours. You simply return the bike to any
rental point you like.

rental points
Egg (Impulszentrum), Andelsbuch (Cable car, Bersbuch Wälderbähnle station), Bezau (swimming pool, secondary school and Bezau cable car), Mellau (village hall), Schnepfau (school), Au (village hall, Rehmen church), Schoppernau (village hall, valley station, Diedamskopf)

€ 1 per hour
€ 5 for 24 hours



e-bike rental available from the following firm:

Sport Broger, Mellau
T +43 (0)5518 2240 



Cycle paths

Schoppernau - Egg cycle path
From Schoppernau to Au, the cycle path runs through meadows and fields along the banks of the Bregenzerach. The most beautiful part of the route runs from Au to Mellau along the Bregenzerach through the woods of Schnepfau and the Enge mountain pasture. After Mellau, the cycle path continues along the L 200 to Bezau, where you can turn off into quiet roads that will take you to the edge of Reuthe-Baien. Carry on along the cycle path, which runs parallel to the L 200 and takes you to Andelsbuch-Bersbuch. After crossing that part of the village, the path continues along the former route of the Bregenzerwald railway to Egg (the surface is gravelled as far as the centre of Andelsbuch). Taking it easy, you need about 4 hours for the return journey.
Total distance (one way):
approx. 30 km


Rohrmoostal cycle path
The scenic cycle tour leaves the church in Sibratsgfäll in the direction of Rindberg. The road is car-free from the national border. The tour takes you past the impressive
Gottesackerwände as far as the nature reserve. The less fit amongst the cyclists can push their bicycles up the 800-metre slope. The next stage of the tour is flat, and
takes you to the Aibele alp which is licensed (mid-June to mid-September). 2 km later, you pass the watershed between the North Sea and the Black Sea, and one kilometre
on you arrive at the Rohrmoos plot. Here, you can visit Germany’s oldest wooden church. The way back takes you along the same route, but with different views. Cycling time is approx. 2 hours. Apart from 1 km of gravel road to Café Alpenrose, all roads are tarmacked.
Total distance (one way): 13 km


Krumbach cycle path
From the direction of Langenegg, the cycle path commences from the Wolfbühl
plot, and takes you across Salgenreuthe, Au and Halden into the centre of the village. From here, you can continue to Hittisau or Riefensberg.
Total distance (one way): 5 km


Achtal footpath and cycle path Egg - Doren
The track of the Bregenzerwald railway between Egg and Doren is being revived. A new footpath and cycle path is opening up the lovely natural landscape of the Bregenzerach. It is with a great deal of consideration that the buildings of the former “Wälderbahn” were renovated, the track repaired and safety features installed.
Total distance (one way): approx. 10 km