things to know

Uniformly signposted paths and hiking maps make it easier to find your way around the mountains.


Bregenzerwald hiking map incl. 50 hiking tips
All hiking routes and important information to do with cable cars, huts and alpine inns are enclosed in the hiking map. The hiking map is available in our tourist office in Mellau.

signposting of the hiking paths
All hiking paths are clearly and uniformly signposted according to the Vorarlberg hiking path concept. The hiking paths are divided into three degrees of difficulty:

yellow-white: walking or rambling paths: Easy

white-red-wwhite: mountain hiking paths: non-slip footwear suitable for
wearing in the mountains is recommended

white-blue-white: steep alpine trail: suitable only for those with mountain experience, who are sure-footed and have no fear of heights


For your safety

  • The correct equipment is a central safety factor: mountain or hiking boots, good outdoor clothing worn in layers, a functional top to change in to, sunglasses and sun cream.
  • Don’t embark upon a tour on your own. Always inform others about your tour.
  • Only set off into the mountains if you are in good physical condition.
  • Take (hot) drinks and a snack with you.
  • Set off in good time so that you are back when it is still light. It gets dark relatively early in the autumn, for example.
  • Check the weather forecast before you set off. Stay in the valley if it is misty. Should the weather deteriorate, return to the valley.
  • Take orientation aids with you: a hiking map, perhaps an altimeter.
  • Stick to signposted paths.
  • Applies particularly to tours in the high mountains: take with you a bivouac sack, a head light, mobile phone and First Aid kit.

Action in the event of an emergency
1. Move the injured person from the source of danger (rockfall, further fall)
2. Check the vital functions
3. Use your mobile to call the emergency services:
• 144 alpine emergencies, Vorarlberg
• 112 European emergency number, from all networks: switch off your mobile phone, switch back on. Instead of your PIN, dial »112«
4. Administer First Aid

Respect your boundaries
Forests, fields, rivers and lakes offer precious space for leisure and relaxation activities. Forests in particular have an important protective function. The Vorarlberg state government’s “Wohngemeinschaft Natur” initiative to encourage living in harmony with nature offers locals and visitors information about how to deal respectfully with nature. It is in with this in mind that we also appeal to you to respect preservation and conservation areas. The most important recommendations are that you stay on signposted paths and keep the countryside clean.