summit tours

Tour to the Kanisfluh

Highest point: 2.044 m
altitude difference 1.200 m
Starting Mellaubahn
Hours to go: 6 hours
Alps and restaurants: Alphof Roßstelle, Restaurant Simma, Alpe Kanis, Alpe Wurzach, Alpe Obere, Edelweisshütte

Route: The Kanisfluh is one of the most striking mountains in the Bregenzerwald. The rocky north side is visible from the valley, the southern slopes are green and sunlit. It offers the ideal habitat for ibex as well as for 930 different species of butterfly. The first part of the hike is easy-going, and follows an agricultural path. After you have passed the Kanis alp, the ascent begins on a narrow path which takes you to the top of the Kanisfluh. To descend, take the Wurzachalpe option back down to the mountain station.


The very special highlight every Thursday:
sunrise walking tour to the top of the mountain Kanisfluh with Mathias

Experience a beautiful sunrise on the landmark of our Region Bregenzerwald!

Meeting point: every Thursday between 3:00 am and 4:00 am at the tourist office Mellau (we will inform you about the exact time at Mellau tourism T +43 (0) 5518 2203).
Driving with cars to the Edelweißhütte
Costs: € 5,00 per person
Information: good shoes, jacket and basic condition required, please take your snack / drink with you.
Registration: please until Wednesday 4 pm at Mellau tourism.

A special sunrise video you will see here: Video.  




Hangspitze Mellau

Highest point: 1.716 m
altitude difference 1.000 m
Starting Mellau centre
Hours to go: 5 hours (up and down)
Alps and restaurants: restaurants in Mellau.

Start in the center of Mellau and go in a south-westerly direction. Via tarred "Doseggweg" you walk to junction "Vorsäßschrofen". Via "Alpe Dosegg" you walk trought fields and Woods across hillside to the peak. The hillside offers a beautiful panorama over the Bregenzerwald, the Rhine valley, Lake Constance and the mountains of the Rätikon and Switzerland.


walking time: 6 hours (up and down)
difficulty: medium
special tipp: use the cable car for free with the Bregenzerwald guest-card
altitude differnece: ca. 600 m
restaurants:  Restaurant Simma, Alphof Roßstelle, Alpe Kanis,
Elsenalpstube Damüls, hotels and restaurants in Damüls
possibility to return by bus from Damüls - departure times:
line 43 Damüls-Au: 11:15, 12:45, 15:45, 16:45 Uhr
change the bus in Au to line 40 to Mellau: 12:13, 13:13, 16:13, 17:13

Go with our cable car "Mellaubahn" to upper station (Roßstelle) and walk over hiking-trails towards the Alpe Kanis. After crossing the brook on the Alpe Kanis, continue towards the alpine hut, turn right behind it, climb to the Alpe bath and to the crest. After the crest height has been exceeded, one reaches the foot of the summit in a slightly inclined direction. Then along the serpentine path to the top. Descent on the same route back to Mellau.