sports & leisure time


Uniformly signposted paths and hiking maps make it easier to find your way around the mountains.more >

new cable car "Mellaubahn"

Information about the operating hours of the cable car in Mellau.more >

interactive map

Here you will find an interactive card for a perfect preparation of your holiday. Several hiking and bike routes are described on this map.more >

swimming pool

The swimming pool Mellau is situated directly at the river Mellenbach and is opened from the beginning of May to the end of September.more >

running trail

Running trails with three different levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard.more >


The Bregenzerwald’s rivers, streams and lakes are ideal fishing grounds. Fly-fishermen also discover lovely fishing grounds. The waters in the Bregenzerwald are classified as the trout region.more >


The golf club from Mellau is glad to welcome you at the golf-driving-range.more >


The Bregenzerwald flying area (Niedere close to Bezau-Andelsbuch)more >

rope-line trail "Widaschrofa"

Next to Mellau (in Schnepfau) this rope-line trail offers 2 different level of difficulty.more >

adventure parks & rope course parks

Beginner or expert, young or not so young: the Bregenzerwald’s climbing and rope courses offer the perfect training grounds.more >

outdoor specialists

The Bregenzerwald outdoor specialists offer playful and adventurous activities pertaining to the topic of mountain and water. more >

trips and tours

Beautiful destinations in picturesques landscapes...enjoy the island of Mainau and other places of interest.more >