Parish church

Towards the end of the 13th century farmers from Schwarzenberg built a chapel. Already in 1400 an ordinary Kuratie was set up, the now permanent residents take it upon themselves to build a larger church and a parish house. In 1464 Mellau became an independent parish. The existing church was demolished in the 18th century by priest Widemann because she was too small. With the construction of a new church was begun in 1793, but the inauguration took place only in 1806. In the great fire accident of 7th September 1870 this church was destroyed by fire in addition to 18 houses. Already on 28th September of the same year the engineer Joseph Willam started to plan the new church. The inauguration took place in 1876. The high altar picture, depicting the Crucifixion, painted by Franz Bertle from Schruns and cost according to records 200 fl Austrian currency . The two side altar pictures are from the Swiss painter Georg Kaiser and provide the Immaculate Conception and the patron saint Antonius den Einsiedler. On the 11th August 1875 the new church was consecrated by Bishop Amberg.

New building of the church

As the population of the municipality Mellau doubled from 600 to almost 1200 inhabitants within 100 years, the church was too small again in 70ies of the last century. In addition, they no longer met the liturgical requirements, and it should also result corresponding side rooms. Thus, a new building was begun under Pastor Hermann Alge. On 5th June 1980 the last service was held in the old church. Even on Christmas 1981, the Christmas Mass was celebrated in the new church. The building was preceded by an architectural competition, which identified the following conditions: The old church tower must continue as a landmark of the municipality, the remaining parts of the building are to be grouped around the tower, the church should have about 300 seats and 300 standing places, moreover additional rooms are required : meeting rooms, parish hall and rooms for the youth. Of the proposals received, the arrayed by the experts at the third position of project architect Vonier and Keckeis been selected in a parish meeting on 15 October 1980. Immediately after Corpus Christi in 1980 started the demolitions, the construction lasted until shortly before Christmas 1981. During the spring and summer of 1982, the new facilities were built and equipped accordingly. The now restored high altar of the old parish church was used as a sacrament of the altar behind the main altar. In addition to this were taken with in the new church : The former site of altarpiece of the hermit Anthony, the four evangelists from the former pulpit, which were created by the sculptor Georg Rüscher from Bizau and the Stations of the Cross, the Alois Waldner painted from Egg to templates by Martin Feuerstein . The old stained glass window found again use, they show images of our diocesan cartridge, St. Bishop Gebhard and St. Fidels of Sigmaringen , and the Hl. Wendelin, the blessed Ilga, St. Elisabeth and St. Barbara.
Near the altar the new organ was placed, which was built by the firm Rieger from Schwarzach. The patronal feast festival 1990 was celebrated by Bishop Bruno Wechner.

The cemetery had to be relocated

Prior to this new church was the relocation of the cemetery. Already in 1973 the new cemetry at the Eggbühl has been built up. Between 1974 and 1976 there emerged a total of 198 graves for burial and 24 urn and 12 urn wall tombs. In the cemetery chapel is a stained glass window of the renowned Swiss artist Albert Glass Wieder from Widnau showing the resurrection.
The most important spiritual son of the parish is Mellau Abbot Martin Greußing, who was born on 11th November 1952 in Mellau, a student came to the Jesuit College Krumau, where in contact with the almost extinct convent in the Upper Austrian Schlaegl. In 1615 he passed from the religious vows and received at Easter 1617 ordination. 1627, he was provost of the pin and abbot of the monastery in 1657. On 27th October 1664 he died and was buried in the collegiate church. He is considered the second founder Schlägls, and for this reason his memory is still maintained there.

Pastor Hermann Alge

Of the many pastors of the church Mellau deserves especially Pastor Hermann Alge mention. The native Lustenauer came in September 1964 after stints in Schwarzach and Dornbirn/Oberndorf to Mellau and was after almost 45 years of the longest in the parish Mellau reigning priest. From 1982 he also assisted with the neighboring parish Schnepfau. During his tenure, the parish church Mellau were rebuilt, the parish church in Schnepfau was renovated, the Parish house in Mellau was completely new built and the one in Schnepfau was renovated. Due to its many merits, the community Mellau appointed him in 2000 as honorary citizen. Pastor Hermann Alge died on 01 August 2009 at the age of 79 years.