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The cable car Mellau has got a spacious hiking area. Our advise for your hiking toures: especially the Kanisfluh - the local mountain in Mellau - is one of the most liked hiking tour in this area. The view of the mountain is already wonderful!

The tour: mountain station cable car (Roßstelle, 1,395 m) - Kanisalpe - Kanisfluh (2,044 m) - Wurzachalpe - Kanisalpe - Roßstelle cable car

The Kanisfluh is one of the most striking mountains in the Bregenzerwald. The rocky north side is visible from the valley, the southern slopes are green and sunlit. It offers the ideal habitat for ibex as well as for 930 different species of butterfly. The first part of the hike is easy-going, and follows an agricultural path. After you have passed the Kanis alp, the ascent begins on a narrow path which takes you to the top of the Kanisfluh. To descend, take the Wurzachalpe option back down to the mountain Station.


Other hiking tours from the mountain station of the cable car in Mellau

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  • Alpe Wildgunten - 1 Std.
  • Alpe Wurzach - 1 Std.
  • Inn Edelweiß - 1 3/4 Std.
  • Alpe Wannen - Damüls Uga cable car 2 3/4 Std.
  • Mittagsspitze 3 Std.
  • ...

At tourist office in Mellau or at valley station Mellaubahn you will receive hiking maps with more information.


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