A festival for Franz Schubert. The idea behind the first Schubertiade, which first took place in 1976 initiated by Hermann Prey in Hohenems, was to grant Schubert his rightful place alongside Mozart and Beethoven. Today, the Schubertiade is the world's most important and most renowned Schubert festival under the direction of Gerd Nachbauer including around 90 yearly events and almost 45,000 visitors. 

Twice a year, Schwarzenberg is a gathering place for artists, art connoisseurs, and music-loving visitors of the Schubertiade! Nowhere else will you find a program that offers such a large number of song evenings with the best singers in the world in such a short period of time. Chamber concerts and piano performances of the highest quality constitute an additional highlight. The program is also complemented by individual orchestra concerts, readings, and master classes. 

Consciously uninvolved in today's festival hype, the Schubertiade concentrates on maintaining its intimate character and focusing its energy on the basics, that being first-rate musical renditions. Corresponding to the festival's objective, the list of artists who have performed at the Schubertiade reads like a "Who's Who" of the international lieder and chamber music scene. The Schubertiade also endeavors to advance the careers of young musicians and offer the audience the opportunity to make new discoveries.

You can find current information about the Schubertiade 2020 here:
Schubertiade in Schwarzenberg & Hohenems


Dates 2020: June 20th to June 28th 2019 & August 22nd to August 30th 2020.


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