museums & exhibitions

Regional Museum Bezau

The regional museum Bezau is a typical farmerhouse of the Hinterbregenzerwald. The house offers to see the livingconditions in a landscape which is coined by architecture with wood. more >


The museum in Schwarzenberg was rebuilt in 2007, on the occasion of the 200th day of death of Angelika Kauffmann.more >

F.M. - Felder Museum

The memory of Franz Michael Felder is in Schoppernau. In the centre of the village is a architectural and creative extraordinary museum, which is devoted to him.more >

Egg Museum

The regional museum in Egg was founded in 1904. It is the oldest museum in Vorarlberg. In 1988 it was reopen in the old primary school.more >

Women's Museum

The womenmuseum in Hittisau (Bregenzerwald) is the first and only womenmuseum in Austria. The womenmuseum shows two to three different exhibitions every year. The museum offers themes about the social- and culturehistory, art and architecture.more >

Museum of the regional costume

The traditional Bregenzerwälder arrey, the "Juppe", is producted in the Juppenfactory in Riefensberg. At the same time the factory is a museum and a course location for the arrayproduction.more >


The inatura is a adventure exhibition and also a documentation centre about the nature in Vorarlberg.more >