architecture & handicraft

The culture of building and living is everywhere you look in the Bregenzerwald. The locals have been appreciating the artisan production methods employed in small and medium-sized enterprises since way back when. Reliability, sound finishing and a good design mean that craftsmanship and trade are the largest employers in the Bregenzerwald. Around 40 % of the working population are employed in such enterprises.

A house dedicated to craftsmanship

After four years of intensive planning, the Werkraum Haus in Andelsbuch opened its doors in July 2013.

The architect of the house is Peter Zumthor, from Switzerland - an internationally renowned architect with close ties to craftsmanship. It was during the building of the Kunsthaus in Bregenz that he met and came to appreciate the craftsmen in the Bregenzerwald Werkraum. Since then, many caftsmen from the Bregenzerwald have been working for the maestro from Switzerland. His design for the Werkraum Haus is based on two ideas: on the one hand, the building serves as a meeting place. On the other hand, it is a large showcase for the culture of craftsmanship in the Bregenzerwald. This idea finds expression in a protruding roof made from wood and a facade made from glass. There is no distinction between inside and outside - the landscape flows through the building. The craftsman community in Andelsbuch is getting a facelift right in the middle of the village.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 18 p.m.



Adults: € 7,50

Reductions (Students, Apprentice, 15 People and more): € 5


guided tours

15 people and more

€ 7,00 + reduced admission per person

Reductions (Students, Apprentice): € 4,00 + reduced admission per person

groups with less than 15 people

€ 105,00 flat + reduced admission per person

Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch
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