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Margot Fuchs Räuchert

A special ritual for strengthening

A special ritual for strengthening

Enjoyment, inspiration, cleansing or a good portion of sun doping in the cold season? The millennial tradition holds a gigantic potential!

This afternoon we will explore the possibility of smoking together and get to know the ideal plants forsmoking”.


We’re not outdoors, but please dress warm.

Number of participants

5 15 persons

Meeting point

3. 30 p. m. at Naze’s Hus, Mellau


until Wednesday, 10. 00 a. m. at Mellau Tourism T +43 5518 2203


5,00 incl. apple must and small present for home

Opening hours

Open from 25 May 2022.
Opening hours Restaurant:
Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p. m. to 10 p. m.
Sunday and public holidays: 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. and 5 p. m. to 10 p. m.

Summer cows, summer kids

Summer cows, summer kids

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