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Jausenteller mit Bregenzerwälder Spezialitäten © Jo Pesendorfer / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Cheese making on site at the Käsehaus

Cheese making on site at the Käsehaus

How does milk become cheese? Discover more about cheese as part of a guided tour including cheese making on site at the Käsehaus Andelsbuch.

Numerous Alpine dairies and farm families deliver a variety of cheeses to the Käsehaus, which is a central marketplace for the entire Bregenzerwald region’s cheese diversity. Here, there are not only cheese specialities that can be sampled in house, but also various products from the garden, forest and fields, which have been carefully selected with care by the female farmers.

The Bregenzerwald Käsehaus in Andelsbuch features up to 60 different hard, soft, sliced and cream cheeses from cow, goat’s or sheep’s milk. The attached restaurant is open daily and every Sunday from 4 pm cheese is made on site.

Cheese making on site every

Sunday at 4 pm and upon request

Käsehaus Andelsbuch

Hof 144 6866 Andelsbuch, Österreich

+43 (0) 5512 26346

Sömmern, sennen und ein Rehkitz

Sömmern, sennen und ein Rehkitz

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